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Alfaysal Medical Tourism

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Arrival & Accomodation

Plane tickets are supplied by Alfaysal Travel, depending on patients’ choice, in order to make you relax and focus on your health.

2. Opinion

We offer you the opportunity of second opinion, from local and international healthcare organizations, in order to verify your diagnosis.

Treatment Planning Process

The treatment is made in hospitals with JCI certificate, each having high end medical device tracks and a team of specialized doctors.

After the Treatment

Patients may contact us any time after they return back to your country for post-treatment support. Our offices and customer representatives in their country will be please to help them in this matter.

Departure from Turkey

We make the necessary organizations for patients’ departure from the hospital on the day of patients’ planned discharge.We inform patients about the control appointments and post-operative care plan before they leave the hospital.

Treatment Process

If patients are able to come during the operation planning process, we will be pleased to plan the operation process together with them. But it is not an issue if they cannot make it.

Alfaysal Tourism

Trusted by its present customers, and recommended by those from the past, Alfaysal Tourism is an innovative and reliable approach to travel in Turkey as we attribute our success to our first-hand knowledge!Alfaysal TourismTravel is based in Turkey and we also have customer service in Jordan, Labenon and Iraq. This means that in addition to speaking the local languages, and knowing the customs, culture and laws of Turkey.We also know first-hand the needs of our customers.

The Best Value

Our staff consists of travel professionals who raised and still live in Turkey and Middle East. Alfaysal Tourism is the ground supplier, not the middle man. You do not pay commissions to anybody else. You deal direct with Alfaysal Tourism.
The pride of Alfaysal Tourism lies in impeccable knowledge, friendly and around-the-clock service, strict attention to detail, 100% personalized service, and co-operation with the most skilled travel industry professionals.