Hotel Furniture


We reinforce the success we have achieved in classical furniture production with the projects we carry out in the field of hotel furniture. We have proved our quality with our successful designs of hotel room decorations, hotel lobby decorations, and hotel restaurant decoration that we have designed and applied both in the country and abroad. We design and manufacture classical hotel furniture, modern hotel furniture, and avant-garde hotel furniture for many enterprises.

Priority in Hotel Furniture is Esthetics and Quality

We pay a lot of attention to esthetics and durability when designing hotel furniture. The first factor that attracts the attention of the staying guests is, without doubt, the general decoration and furniture of the hotel. Lacquered hotel furniture and massive wooden hotel furniture in luxurious hotels makes you Class A in the eyes of the guests. Especially, the grandeur and quality that the guests see when they first enter a hotel is never forgotten. Therefore, we, as Asortie, give a different significance to the lobby furniture and reception furniture.

Classic or Modern in Hotel Furniture

Although classical hotel furniture of Ottoman style is preferred in luxury hotel projects, some projects use quality modern hotel furniture. For the hotel concepts that have to decide between classical and modern, generally avant-garde hotel furniture or country hotel furniture are preferred. As Asortie, we can use classical, modern and avant-garde lines in harmony in hotel decorations.

Safety is the first Priority information

There are important details that have to be taken into account for hotel furniture. These are quality, grandeur, functionality, and safety. Especially, safety is an important detail that should not be ignored.

We prioritize safety when carrying out the decoration works of the hotels where people from each country having various customs. For instance, we never use furniture with corners in hotel rooms, for furniture with corners may harm the hotel guests. Also, each one of the hotel furniture designs are manufactured such that they are wall-mounted and that they shall not fall down during a tremor. In addition, we use first-class latches and hinges on wardrobe doors and drawers.

It is not just about furniture in hotel decoration.

As well as hotel furniture, in hotel projects, we carry out and deliver turnkey hotel room designs that shall decorate all requirements such as hotel curtains, hotel carpets, bathroom furniture, and hotel leather blotting pads, desk sets, hotel lighting fixtures, and paintings.

We put our signature on space-specific, attractive designs in the projects we carry out in the field of prestigious hotel furniture. Asortie manufactures models that inspire many designers in hotel projects.